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TotalCompliance™ consists of a Policy & Procedure Management solution and a Risk, Audit, and Assessment Management solution. Both software solutions optimize effectiveness, efficiency, and ease-of-use in achieving total compliance.

Policy & Procedure Management

The TotalCompliance Policy & Procedure Management software enables users to manage, track, and report on any policies, procedures, and other business critical documents or information. Back-end workflow is controlled through the software’s document creation, edit, collaboration, review/approval, publish, and revision features. Notifications prompt end users to read, take a test or questionnaire, or sign off on documents published to them. Email reminders and alerts can be configured for users who have yet to take action on documents or for documents that need revision. All current and historical metrics are easily reported and monitored. Read more...

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Risk, Audit, & Assessment Management

At its simplest, the TotalCompliance Risk, Audit, and Assessment Management solution by ComplianceBridge is a simple, intuitive, and powerful new tool designed to help you proactively conduct risk assessments and audits that identify, assess and manage risks. The solution's ease of use, integration, customization, and scalability is designed to address the needs for large and small organizations. TotalCompliance provides you with powerful real-time monitoring and dashboards to help you prioritize mitigate and manage compliance, assessments, and risks. Read more...

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