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Efficient and effective online policy management

Your organization owns a unique set of business critical processes and practices. Some of your most valuable assets are the policy and procedure documents that show your staff how to follow those processes. Often, documents may be dispersed throughout multiple computer systems and paper files, making them difficult to locate and update. Different versions can be circulated, causing confusion and costly errors. Distribution isn’t properly tracked, and there’s little or no acknowledgment of receipt by your employees, let alone understanding. Plus the demand for updates and new policies is relentless, requiring ever more resources just to keep up.

  If your online policy management system is not done right, you waste time and money-- and risk non-compliance, costly errors, or worse. Not only is your organization at risk, it can’t operate to its highest potential. In today's competitive and highly regulated environment, you can't afford that. CB portal
TotalCompliance delivers a solution to easily and efficiently manage policies, procedures, and all of your business-critical documents online based on your unique needs of your organization.
  • Reduce litigation and liability risk
  • Improve employee accountability
  • Increase productivity and stop chasing paper
  • Improve quality of services and products
  • Gain more insight and control of your business operation

Establish the best practices in online policy management and compliance with just one solution—TotalCompliance. No other product in its class offers the same simplicity, functionality, and affordability!


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