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TotalCompliance® offers the following benefits:

 Provides secure hosting and repository of documents

 Intuitively easy to use web-based interface

 No paper pushing ("green" document delivery)

 Improves organizational efficiency

 Improves quality of service

 Provides accountability

 Reduces litigation and liability

 Provides management metrics

 Drastically reduces costs associated with policy and procedure management

 Minimizes time spent ensuring staff are informed and knowledgeable

 Minimizes time spent looking for documents

 Provides full auditing/archiving capability

 Improves document availability (always available and not person-dependent)

 Provides performance management opportunities

TotalCompliance® offers the following standard features:

On-line, full lifecycle Document Management

 Secure, on-line document repository

 Lifetime history of documents and actions taken

 Import of any and all types of electronic documents

 Automatic versioning with complete history

 Levels of access control to documents

 Built-in (HTML) editor for changes or complete document creation

 On-line, real-time dashboard showing "Where am I today?"

 Advice-Approval system

Efficient and effective Document Distribution

 Document links are distributed reducing network and e-mail load

 Publish to a single group, subordinate groups, or selected groups

 E-mail and Text-message notifications

 Individually sent e-mails minimize risk of being detected as spam

 E-mails are sent from "you" so recipients recognize the sender

 Automatic reminders sent regarding inaction

 Automatic escalation when required action is past-due

 Automatic reminders for document re-certification on an annual, quarterly, or other period basis

On-line Knowledge Access

 Documents affecting the user are displayed and available anywhere, anytime

 All user actions -- read, test, acknowledge -- are recorded

 Built-in testing system with immediate score feedback

 Questions can be imported from other documents

 Unlimited number of questions

 Multiple choice tests are automatically graded

 Questionnaires and surveys are automatically administered

 “Reference” documents, requiring no action, are readily available

 Built-in search -- by name, date, and text within documents

On-line Compliance Measurement, Monitoring and Reporting

      Complete statistics including:

     Irrefutable action confirmation

     List of who read, tested, passed, and agreed to a document

     Percentage of group members who: read, tested, passed, and agreed to a document

     Roll-up of statistics for all subordinate groups

     Advanced reporting -- all database fields available

     Reports can be saved, exported automatically e-mailed



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