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IT Policy Management

ComplianceBridge TotalCompliance provides a cost-effective solution that enables IT departments to improve efficiency and achieve policy compliance through automated review/approval lifecycle management, publication, distribution, revision, and tracking of their IT policies and procedures. A typical IT organization may have hundreds, possibly thousands of documents containing policies and procedures that are critical to the organization, such as:

  • Password policies
  • Document retention policies
  • Security breach procedures
  • Intrusion Detection policies and procedures
  • Mobile Device policies

ComplianceBridge can be installed in house or utilized via the cloud based solution. Its flexibility and ability to integrate with existing systems allows IT departments to maintain control over their information systems. ComplianceBridge's IT Policy Management solution allows organizations to easily and efficiently manage critical documents, policies, and procedures within your organization in accordance to your unique needs. Proper IT policy management can:

  • Reduce litigation and liability risk
  • Improve employee accountability
  • Increase productivity and stop chasing papers
  • Improve quality of services and products
  • Gain more insight and control of your business operation

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