Education Communication and Data Collection

K-12 Education

In addition to all of the features and benefits of document management, TotalCompliance™ provides a cost-effective education forms management solution for educational institutions to improve data collection, communication, and parent authorization. Schools require more than a simple one-way communication like e-mail and "paper" notifications to be effective. With TotalCompliance, documents requiring parent signatures can be authorized online electronically, eliminating the need for distributing, collecting, and filing the paper.

TotalCompliance online communication to parents and staff:
  • Simple targeted emails by school, class, grade, extra-curricular activity, etc.
  • School Event notices
  • Parent, Student, Staff demographic questionnaires (private information)
  • On-line information changes by parent/staff -- phone, email, etc.
  • Forms requiring electronic signatures:
    • Medical consent to treat
    • Registration commitment
    • Student Handbook agreement
    • Field trip consent forms
    • Sport sign-ups
    • Classroom assignment confirmation
    • Activity permission forms
  • Emergency Text messaging by school, class, grade, extra-curricular activity, etc.
  • Event change (sport, outing, field trip) Text messaging by school, class, grade, extra curricular activity, etc
TotalCompliance specialized school workflow allows for:
  • Student specific actions for each student or general parent actions for all of their students
  • Handling multiple parents/guardians per student and multiple students per parent/guardian
  • Automating reminders to parents and staff and escalation to administration
  • Maintaining all distribution lists in one place, automatically, for all users
  • Easy reporting on students, parents, staff, confirmations, etc.

Higher Education

TotalCompliance provides a cost-effective solution for institutions of higher learning to improve efficiency and achieve compliance through automated review/approval lifecycle management, publication, distribution, revision, and tracking of any and all educational documents. Configure TotalCompliance with groups containing faculty departments, classes, any type of student group, and more. A typical educational organization may have hundreds, possibly thousands of documents that are critical to the school:

  • Documents requiring reading confirmation and/or written acknowledgement
  • Student curriculum and student bulletin
  • Sports teams, clubs, and other school groups' documents
  • Staff Policies and Procedures
  • Event announcements and sign ups
  • And much more

TotalCompliance can allow a school's administration to manage and track any and all school related documents with their faculty and students. Also, faculty and professors can utilize TotalCompliance to interact with and track metrics related to in class documents with their students.

Learn more about how it works, browse the list of key capabilities or watch a demonstration video to see how TotalCompliance would benefit your school.