Healthcare Policy Management

ComplianceBridge TotalCompliance™ provides a cost-effective solution that enables healthcare organizations and hospitals to improve efficiency and achieve healthcare policy compliance through automated review/approval lifecycle management, publication, distribution, and tracking of their policies and procedures. A typical healthcare organization may have hundreds, possibly thousands of documents containing policies and procedures that are critical to the organization.

Five Key Benefits for Healthcare Organizations
  • Reduce risk of litigation and potential fines
  • Improve patient care and related services
  • Improve employee accountability
  • Reduce costs and stop chasing papers
  • Gain more insight and control of your organization

Hospital Policy Management

Hospital management entails quality policy compliance and patient safety, managing labor costs, revenue generation and governmental regulations and mandates. Universal healthcare could complicate matters for hospital policy management. With increasing cost pressure, higher demands on patient care, and more complex procedures, hospitals are challenged with efficiently managing daily operations while managing policy compliance. Hospitals are continually pressed to redesign care processes and work environments to reduce medical errors.

Outpatient Care

Practitioners express concerns about exercising professional judgments when faced with regulations and maintaining standards of care for the poor that are consistent with professional standards. Practitioners described the values that guided them in the face of ethical issues, including maintaining the community's trust via transparent communication, preserving consistency in the application of policies, and using evidence-based community needs assessments for program planning. When confronted with ethical challenges, practitioners frequently relied on collaboration with policy makers, colleagues, and others. Practitioners also struggled to find ways to keep communities informed about public health issues without inciting fear or creating an overwhelming demand for services.


Nursing, Residential and Long-term Care

Demand for long-term care exceeds the supply of qualified workers who can deliver those services, resulting in severe workforce shortages. Rapid turnover among home care workers also contributes to inconsistent and often inadequate staffing. The scarcity of nurses and professional workers, who provide most of the care in long-term care settings, is found in nursing homes and in agencies that provide home and community-based care. Further complicating the quest for quality long-term care is the lack of clarity about which changes to the health care system might lead to higher quality encounters between caregivers and patients.


Non-Profit Healthcare

In America's primarily private healthcare system, the differences between for-profit and nonprofit health care can be significant. Nonprofits face different successes and challenges in part because success is not as defined by the bottom line. Further, in a changing health care, political and economic environment with constantly shifting medical information and technologies, nonprofit health care must always adapt to new issues. Many nonprofit healthcare organizations, from hospitals to community-based free clinics, were formed with the intention to provide health care to those in need. In many cases, that means patients lack the means to pay for even discounted products and services. Unfortunately, it takes more than good intentions to build the resources necessary to provide low-cost and free services. Today's nonprofits face the constant challenge of raising money, managing endowment funds successfully, seeking the donation of goods and recruiting volunteer labor.


Claims Processing

Healthcare organizations are constantly striving to streamline claims processing. Healthcare related claims are often complex and processing of claims is often regulated by many policies and procedures to ensure the claim handling is done accurately.

TotalCompliance delivers a solution to easily and efficiently manage all of your healthcare policies, procedures, and other critical documents in accordance to your unique needs of your organization.

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