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Legal & Finance Policy and Procedure Management

The Legal Department’s role in the corporation is crucial for performing a number of functions and having up-to-date information to timely respond as needed on behalf of the corporation.

The legal professional and the paralegal can use the TotalCompliance solution to efficiently perform numerous functions in an efficient and timely manner, among which are
  • Keeping a record of the corporation’s various documents, including contracts and the contract provisions, that require future action on behalf of the corporation, such as renewal fees, exercise of contractual offerings, etc.

  • Compiling and keeping updated information needed for various reports the corporation has to do to agencies, such as the SEC for public companies (i. e., 10K and 10Q reports) as well as submitting the report to the agency.

  • Compiling policies and related documents to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley requirements and circulating and informing company personnel of the information covered in such documents. Manage and track the end-user compliance of your legal policies to ensure adherence.

  • Assembling the dates and information needed for all activities for the corporation's annual reporting and the annual meeting and circulating to the corporate personnel assisting in preparation for the annual meeting.

  • Assembling the dates and information needed for litigation and arbitrations involving the corporation.


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