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Policy and Procedure Management Your Way

TotalCompliance is helping enterprises in many sectors and functions—including healthcare, technology, government, education, human resources, IT, and legal —deal with their unique daily challenges of:
  • Complexity of compliance requirements and regulations
  • Increasing legal and financial risks due to regulatory governance
  • Fragmented compliance management with inconsistent approaches, measurement, and reporting across the organization
  • Documents spread across multiple departments, paper files, and computing systems
  • Critical information held by specific individuals and not distributed as needed or required
  • Quickly and accurately providing employees with their business critical documents
  • Managing the document workflow and ensuring important documents don't get stuck somewhere in the process
Vertical solutions
  • Healthcare companies, Hospitals, Healthcare Providers, Claims Processing, …
  • Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies, …
  • Technology companies, Software, Hardware, …
  • Education Institutions…

  • Functional solutions
  • Human Resources, Training, …
  • Legal, Finance, Accounting, …
  • IT, Information Technology, Information Systems, …
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