Technology Policy Management

ComplianceBridge provides a cost-effective solution that enables technology organizations to improve efficiency and achieve policy compliance through automated review/approval lifecycle management, publication, distribution, revision, and tracking of their policies and procedures. A typical technology organization may have hundreds, possibly thousands of documents containing policies and procedures that are critical to the organization, such as:

  • Quality assurance
  • Manufacturing procedures
  • Safety guidelines
  • ISO
  • Service policies
  • Warranty & return policies

TotalCompliance™ delivers a solution to easily and efficiently manage critical documents, policies and procedures within technology companies in accordance to the unique needs of your organization. ComplianceBridge's technology policy management software can:

  • Reduce litigation and liability risk
  • Improve employee accountability
  • Increase productivity and stop chasing papers
  • Improve quality of services and products
  • Gain more insight and control of your business operations

Learn more about how it works, browse the list of key capabilities, or watch a demonstration to see how TotalCompliance would benefit your organization.